Micro-domain optical control

The aim of this subject is the quantum control of the stored optical energy in laser gain media, which should improve the performance of microchip lasers upto giant microphotonics. For example, the limitation of the frequency domain of pumping source (this is the "direct-pumping" technology) can elevate laser oscillation efficiency: we overcome 76% of optical-optical efficiency that had been conventionally considered to be a quantum limit of Nd-lasers.

Micro-domain optical control is based on the fundamental research of solid-state optical materials. Thus we carefully started to re-examining many properties including what is considered to be well-known. From these experiences now we consider that it is necessary to find evaluation methods for various optical materials, because we convince there should be still unknown physics that influence laser performances.

Moreover, it will give design instructions to researches concerning with the micro-domain structural control, and solutions in order to evaluate novel materials that was born by means of the micro-domain structural control.

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