Laser gain media

The recent progress of the advanced solid-state lasers is based on the evolution of laser gain media. This figure shows two of the main directions in this evolution. The first direction indicates the improvement of the optical gain coefficient of laser media, whichi is the shift from optically isotropic materials to anisotropic materials. The second direction is the requirement of the gain media with large optical apertures that is realized as "ceramic lasers." Therefore the ultimate laser gain media should be considered to be "anisotropic laser ceramics," which is demonstrated by our group for the first time in the world [J. Akiyama, Y. Sato, and T. Taira,  Opt. Lett., 35, 3598 (2010).].  

Micro domain control of optical materials

Rare earth doped laser gain media

Anisotropic laser gain media

Ceramic laser gain media

Anitotropic laser ceramics

Evaluation of optical materials

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